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Why Dr. Friedman Dental Implant Surgeon

Friedman Dental Group operate within three highly integrated treatment facilities in Florida, each of which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for dental implants.

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Our Experienced Specialists

dr. eli friedman dental implant surgeon

Dr. Eli Friedman


dr. katia friedman dental implant surgeon

Dr. Katia Friedman
General, Cosmetic and Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Francisco Espanol

Endodontist, Root Canal Specialist

Dr. Eitan Gross

Dr. Eitan Gross

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Dental Implant Procedure: A Unified Solution


At Friedman Dental Group we offer a unique unified complete solution for dental implant treatments. We combine the latest and greatest technology with profound dentistry experience, all under one roof for an integrated treatment system that gives the maximum customer satisfaction.

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Save Time & Money

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Why See A Prosthodontist?

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Missing or badly damaged teeth? Restore your smile and function.

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