Dental Implant Introduction To Dental Implant Solutions

There are many dental implant solutions available today that can provide you with high quality replacement teeth that replicate the look and feel of your natural teeth. In this day and age, dental implants high an extremely high long term success rate of 97-99%, and the treatments continue to become more and more sophisticated and less invasive. Dental implants are a treatment in which a titanium screw like device is fitted into the gap where the root of the old tooth was.
The implant fuses with the bones tissue in a process known as osseointegration, providing support for your jaw, and for a new set of teeth.

Whether you require a single tooth replacement, or a whole set of new teeth, dental implant solutions can improve the quality of your life, helping you to eat, talk, and smile with confidence.

Here is a brief introduction to the dental implant solutions that are available today:

Single Tooth Replacement:

Even the loss of a single tooth can cause embarrassment, and can even damage the structure of your jaw and cause disfigurement in other teeth. Dental implants are available for single teeth, in which a single implant is fitted to the root, and a replacement tooth placed. When the implant is healed, a permanent porcelain tooth is installed. If you are missing a single tooth, or a couple of teeth across your mouth, then a single tooth dental implant treatment can relieve your problem.

Multiple Tooth Replacements:

If you have multiple teeth missing, or suffer from edentulous, then dental implants will be fitted that support bridgework. This creates a frame in your mouth, which replacement teeth can be attached to. For example, two implants could support a three unit bridge with three new crowns. You can also support a full arch of teeth in this way, making it an ideal permanent solution for tooth loss. Somewhere between 6-8 implants are usually required to support a full arch.


Overdenture treatment consists of two or more implants which are installed to allow the support and stability of a set of dentures. This treatment allows you to have dentures without the usual problem of them falling out.

Teeth In One Day:

The Teeth In One Day dental implant solution is the latest and greatest revolution to inspire the cosmetic dentistry world. It requires only 4 implants for a full arch of teeth, top or bottom. The implants on the back of the jaw are secured at a 45 degree angle, giving better support with less implants, and encouraging fusion with the bone cells. Patients are also able to walk away from treatment with a fixed (temporary) set of replacement teeth on the day of surgery.

Dental implants the modern marvel

Dental implants are considered a modern marvel, and provide an excellent solution for anyone suffering from teeth loss. They can be used to provide replacement teeth for patients who require anything from a single tooth to a full new set. Many people would think that dental implants are something new, but this is a misconception. The reason for their extensive popularity in recent times is that the treatment has such a high success rate and reliability. The idea itself is actually ancient.

The first record of a dental implant, of sorts, comes from a discovery of a Mayan woman’s mandible, which happened to contain three tooth shaped shells which had been inserted into empty sockets. Bone had grown around the shells, showing that they had functioned as replacement teeth when the woman was alive. This is not an isolated case. Evidence of early dental implants have been found in Egypt, throughout Central and South America, in the Middle East where they were made from ivory, and in the jawbone of a Roman soldier, who had an iron dental implant.
As fascinating as these cases are, none of the actual treatments sound very well executed or desirable. It is little wonder that dental implants have recently reemerged, this time with valid and scientifically research methods. At Friedman Dental Group we offer all types of dental implant; whatever is best to provide you with effective treatment for your tooth loss. We especially endorse the Teeth In One Day solution, which has proven to be highly successful and non-invasive. A single tooth implant is recommended when you have lost only one or two teeth, say in an accident, but for edentulous patients the Teeth In One Day provides a full arch of replacements with just 4 implants. To find out more about dental implant solutions, or to arrange a free consultation, contact is today.

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