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Implant Solutions


Whether you require a single tooth replacement, or a whole set of new teeth, dental implant solutions can improve the quality of your life, helping you to eat, talk, and smile with confidence.

Dental Implant Solutions

Snap-On Dentures

teeth in a day dental implant solutions

Teeth In One Day

no bone dental implant solutions

No-Bone Solution

Different Types Of Implants

There are many types of dental implant available for people who are suffering from tooth loss, or who are edentulous or approaching edentulous.

snap on dental implant solutions

Snap-on Dentures

zirconia dental implant solutions

Zirconia Implants


Zygomatic Implants

single tooth dental implant solutions

Single Tooth Replacement

multiple tooth dental implant solutions

Multiple Tooth Replacements

The Teeth In One Day treatment can restore the quality of life for those who are suffering from edentulous (loss of teeth), near or partial edentulous.

View before and after photos for our previous patients and their amazing dental transformations done with the work at Friedman Dental Group.

Missing or badly damaged teeth? Restore your smile and function.

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