Traditional Vs Modern Practices: A History Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are considered a modern marvel, and provide an excellent solution for anyone suffering from teeth loss. They can be used to provide replacement teeth for patients who require anything from a single tooth to a full new set.

Many people would think that dental implants are something new, but this is a misconception. The reason for their extensive popularity in recent times is that the treatment has such a high success rate and reliability. The idea itself is actually ancient.

The first record of a dental implant, of sorts, comes from a discovery of a Mayan woman’s mandible, which happened to contain three tooth shaped shells which had been inserted into empty sockets. Bone had grown around the shells, showing that they had functioned as replacement teeth when the woman was alive.

This is not an isolated case. Evidence of early dental implants have been found in Egypt, throughout Central and South America, in the Middle East where they were made from ivory, and in the jawbone of a Roman soldier, who had an iron dental implant.

As fascinating as these cases are, none of the actual treatments sound very well executed or desirable. It is little wonder that dental implants have recently reemerged, this time with valid and scientifically research methods.