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Dental Implant Placement


You have decided that dental implants are the best choice for your missing teeth. A wise move considering the many benefits that come with a replacement tooth. You have chosen the lifelong solution which will give you the most natural feeling and looking new teeth. Now what can you expect when the day of dental implant surgery arrives?

Is All Dental Implant Surgery Similar?

Dental implant surgery will always vary slightly depending on the type of implant that you are having fitted, the number of implants needed, and the overall method that your prosthodontist employs. It may be broken up in different ways depending on the procedure.

For example, in some cases the procedure is broken down into several separate phases on different days of surgery, while in other cases you may be fitted with a set of ‘Teeth In One Day’, which will be replaced with a permanent set several months later.


Your prosthodontist will give you the full details of the procedure prior to the day of surgery. However, dental implant surgery is, for the most part, a process that is similar no matter what your exact situation. You turn up on the day of surgery and your specialist will operate.

Dental Implant Placement

The surgery consists of several phases:

  • Bone is prepared and threaded to fit the implant perfectly.
  • The implant, which is a titanium cap device, is surgically fitted into the jawbone and acts as substitute for the root of the bone.
  • The implant will take a few months to heal. Sometimes you will wait for the healing before anything else happens, and other times you will continue.
  • The abutment is placed, which are posts which will hold the replacement teeth.
  • In the case of a single missing tooth, only one implant will be placed to hold the replacement. In the case of multiple, more implants will be strategically placed to hold a frame which will support the replacements. The number of implants varies but with the Teeth In One Day treatment it is possible to replace a full arch with 4 implants.

  • Impressions are taken to make sure the replacement teeth will be fully accurate and comfortable. In some cases you are given temporary fixed teeth on the day, or dentures to help you out until the day you get your replacement.

  • When the time comes, the crown or set of replacement teeth are inserted into your mouth, held by the dental implants, and are screw fixed to give you a permanent new tooth or teeth. This usually happens after the implant is healed.

What Can You Expect As A Patient?

Hearing the details of the dental implant surgery procedure might have helped to clear your mind, or it might have sparked fear. Do not worry! All that happens from your point of view is that you sit in a chair for a few hours while a highly trained professional surgically places an implant, and paves the way for your replacement teeth, which will then be easily fitted in a hassle free procedure.

A local anesthetic is usually administered to ease the pain of the procedure. Some discomfort may remain while the surgery persists, as it is never really an enjoyable experience having someone mess around with your teeth and jaw. Dental implants take several months to fully heal, but most of the discomfort should settle after a few days.

However, the surgery is nothing to worry about, and is simple and accurate, with minimal risk of complications and a high long term success rate.

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