Dental Implant Methods And Phases

Dental implant procedures offer a secure and comfortable solution that can last a lifetime.

Preoperational Stages

  • Complimentary Procedure Consultation
    The complimentary procedure consultation that we offer allows us to take a look inside your mouth, and diagnose your situation.
  • Dental Examination
    A thorough dental implant examination is conducted by our professional prosthodontists prior to any treatment.
  • Pre-Op CT Scan Diagnostic
    A CT Scan is a highly advanced scanning device used in dental implant examinations.

Because of dental implant benefits they are probably the most favored dental solution for edentulous.

If you decide that you want a certain treatment, a thorough dental examination can be carried out on the same day as your initial consultation.

Implant Placement

Your prosthodontist will give you the full details of the procedure prior to the day of surgery.

However, dental implant surgery is, for the most part, a process that is similar no matter what your exact situation.

Care & Maintenance For Dental Implants

Dental implants are a valuable solution for people who are suffering from teeth loss, and who are looking for a replacement arch of teeth. Implants can dramatically improve your life, and allow you to live how you would do with your natural teeth; able to talk, eat the foods you enjoy, and smile with confidence.

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